Hold the Second Wave

Does anyone care to share how they handled the Skydagger Keep mission Hold the second wave? I’m trying to make sense of how to handle the 10-clock Chosen/Broken battle and how it affects or is affected by the PCs. Thanks!

You make two 10-clocks, one for Zora and one for the Lieutenant. They’re racing clocks, so whoever’s clock fills first, that person dies and the other wins (or both die on a tie.) PC successes tick the Lieutenant’s clock; failures and complications fill segments on Zora’s clock.

You can see the designer run this mission in their Band of Blades Actual Play game. Here are links to when it came up:

  • 1:31:20 Start of second wave mission
  • 1:45:30 First clock for Lieutenant (mistakenly makes both clocks a 12-clock)
  • 1:49:00 Second clock for Zora

Holy smokes. Thank you so much!