Home-made rules - weather

Hi everyone, I’ve just created my own rules for weather conditions in Duskwall.
Before a score, you roll a D6 to determine the weather for that day, depending on the season.
You can even use another dice for the scale.
Each season is made of two months of sixty days each.
For details about seasons, see page 245 of the core playbook.


Still trying to wrap my head around what Spring in a world without a sun would look like. That said - thank you for putting this together. This could add a little bit of fun/chaos to the proceedings.

Well, the book describes it as rainy and windy. You can also imagine that the sun is slyghtly less dim at dawn and twilight.

This is neat, and seems well thought out. Sometimes I find that homebrew can add complexity or be easy for forget. What’s been your experience with adding weather effects?

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Thanks. I only got to try it once, but it adds a bit of flavor and I hope it will convey a sense of passing time as the seasons will pass.
I roll the weather effects right before the engagement roll, so the players come up with their plan without knowing if the weather will be on their side.
Next, I’m thinking of altering the chart a bit so the rarest weathers are rolled less often.

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The modifiers seems a bit too strong, though. +/-1 to Effect or Position has a very significant impact, personally I don’t think that common weather conditions should warrant such modifiers.

I have done a similar (but much simpler) table I use in my games, just because I always forgot to mention weather at all (probably because of the “there is no sun” thing).
In case anyone is interested, I’ll post it here. It does not take into account seasons, because we are not mentioning exact dates in our games (I find it very convenient to measure time in “scores” and not having to worry about the calendar at all).
Still, it’s easy to edit this table (or fudge it on the fly) to take into account the different seasons if you so wish.

1: rain
2: overcast
3: decent weather (not too cloudy, windy or foggy)
4: windy
5: foggier than usual
6: SPECIAL! Roll on the next table

1: snowing
2: frost
3: nice weather
4: thunderstorm
5: hot (“unusually warm”)
6: weather changes rapidly: roll twice on first table


Thanks for this :slight_smile: I agree that some of the effects are large, but used in moderation I think would make the world seem more alive and unpredictable. I too forget to mention weather very often, so I’ll add this to my rollable tables in roll20 - I use these for generating random NPCs, buidlings etc from the tables in the book, and I think having a random weather come up each time I log in will remind me to use it if I’ve fallen back to default Duskvol “it’s dark and maybe a little misty I guess”.

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Thank you folks.
Instead of the precise effects, I initually wrote “bonus” and “malus”, to be interpreted largely.
I kind of expect the scoundrels to adapt their plans depending on the weather they’re likely to face, and sometimes hoping for the most favorable weather of the season.
I like the special weather rule and I’m thinking of changing my chart to use two dice, with the most unusual weather being the least likely to appear.

The weather has always been something that has impacted my tables for a long time. Helps bring the world lore and fiction more to the forefront and immersion. Adore having a chart like this so thank you for creating it!

Big thanks to @PeritoCriminal (BitD Discord) for asking my assistance on one of the BitD Discord bots to add the random generations (see below for examples)

All result sentences are broken down into phrases that can randomize to provide over 172 variations. Actual consequences or effects are given as flavor text to leave interpretation up to the table/GM though some do call for a clock starting or harm due to severity.

Plus the bot does various other aspects and is always being updated go check it out, it is amazing and I can share a doc of what results can spit out though it is in code format though some may find it difficult to interpret. If you wanna nerd out, even more, let me know and I can send it :slight_smile:


Yay! I love putting weather related events in my table. It is good for when you need some bargains or complications to come into play and are out of ideas. It’s a great tool for fiction and I love how that Bot function worked out. Thanks for your help and shoutout! :slight_smile:

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