Homebrew crew upgrades?

What are some of your most interesting homebrew crew upgrades?

One of ours (probably too complex in design, feedback welcome!):

Fortification I: Your liar is renovated to withstand direct assaults in a way invisible to a casual observer, but clear to an expert’s eye.

  • Walls are reinforced and can withstand anything less than Force IV.
  • 1st-floor windows are barred to prevent entry.
  • Doors can withstand anything less than Force III.
  • Discrete weapon ports allow defenders to fire with greater protection.

Mechanical benefits:

  • “Enemy Inside” 6 Clock (vs unfortified 4 Clock)
  • Crew & Allies inside the Lair are treated as +1 scale

Another one

Panic Room: Provides a completely hidden, nearly undetectable (so long as the occupants remain quiet) room. Sized & provisioned to sustain the Crew’s leadership for up to two weeks. Connects to Secret Entrance (if built).

Mechanical Benefits: none

Here is a repository of all of the ones we’ve come up with + the ones from the book.

I think that fortification is essentially covered by the “Secure Lair” upgrade, and the specific strength of the fortifications ought to be determined by the Crew Tier rather than be set numbers.

And I really like the idea of a panic room where the players can hide from immediate danger, but if it has the space and supplies for them to live there for two weeks, isn’t it just a second Lair with the Hidden and Quarters upgrades?


They are too complex/detailed, at least for my tastes.
But IMHO their main issue is that: they are way to similar to ordinary, existing upgrades (Secure , Hidden) to warrant new ones…


I always make things too complex. This community is great at,Lovingly, showing me how to simplify and make more blades-like. Thanks! I’ll think on if new versions makes sense or if I should just ditch them. Suggestions welcome! Thanks again!

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