Horned One’s Chosen and Panya Burning

So we know gods are linked to their “domain” yeah? I mean, the moon shattered when Nyx’s chosen was Broken, alchemy was twisted when Blighter was turned, etc.

My question is: is it just one way though? What happens to the God/Chosen if their domain is damaged/destroyed? What would happen to the Chosen of the Horned One when Panya burns from the Time clocks?

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In my campaign, the Horned One’s Chosen was tied to the land of Panya, meaning the terrain and flora, but she also possessed more generalized powers over animals and shapeshifting. When Panya burned, I had a scene where the Horned One’s Chosen screamed in agony as she lost access to the greatest source of his/her power. Right afterwards, we attempted the Heartwood Tree mission in Talgon Forest and failed. When that happened, I chose to sever the Horned One from the land. I’d never use supernatural effects like camouflage in the trees, plant manipulation, etc, ever again to represent her powers. The Horned One that made it to Skydagger Keep is a Hunter God whose powers only come from blood and sacrifice. The first time I used Horned One’s Bounty, mushrooms would grow from the ground and trees would become laden with fruit. After the change, Horned One’s Bounty was always a group of animals lining up in front of the Horned One, bowing and then having the Horned One snap their neck.


Damn Udanchik. Nice.

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Yeah such good ideas for personifiying their power. I’ve just started a campaign with the Horned One and was having some difficulty working an angle. Very helpful.


I’m using the Horned One in my game too. In addition to the Panya connection, I’m trying to portray that they’re not much of a front line fighter. In the starting mission the players tried to stay and fight everything. And while they succeeded by the skin of their teeth, the Chosen clock was almost full from holding off one horror. So now the Chosen is very beat up and had to recover. Unlike Zora or Shreya they can’t just throw this being into a fight to do the heavy lifting for them.

Whow, very good depiction of the Horned One. Your description gave me the shivers.

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