Host Of Angels (High Powered Noblebright Version Of Band Of Blades)

What it says on the tin:

Put simply, I watched an Actual Play of Band Of Blades and really enjoyed it. However, I’m someone who likes High Power and Brighter games rather than Low Power and Grimdark games. So, I decided to create a different version of Band Of Blades.

The idea is that it’s a High Fantasy Setting where an Evil Demon Lord has managed to take over a nation in the world through corruption. The Players are Angels who possess/merge with Mortals to turn them into “Hosts”. Which are basically Demi-Gods who burn their own lifeforce to accomplish the impossible. The end goal is to drive back the Demon Lord’s forces, defeat them in a final climatic battle, and undo all the corruption across the land.

The game has influences from not just Band of Blades but also:

The Brightest Things We Know: Specifically, how it handles having High Power Characters who can accomplish the impossible.

Shatterkin: Specifically, I’d like to include the ability for PCs to Evolve to higher stages and gain different powers based on their evolutions.

I haven’t worked on it much in the last few months, but that’s cause other stuff has been taking up my time. If anyone would like to see and critique what I have so far, I’d welcome it.


I’ll take a look at it soon.

I like the idea of “Noblebright”. I had to do a search on it.
I love me some Grimdark, but after a decade or two of it dominating, it’s nice to see something else.
It appeals to my Star Trek/Captain America side.
Thank you for introducing me to it!

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I skimmed the info, but plan to read it in more detail. Really like it so far. I’ve been looking for a system for good/evil conflict along the lines of the Supernatural or Grimm series. The Host of Angels description sounds a lot like the Apocalypse World arc in Supernatural.

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