Hound Pet Questions

The description for Ghost Form says “Ghost-form allows the pet to transform into electroplasmic vapor as if it were a spirit.” It doesn’t give a duration, though, as Lurk’s Ghost Veil ability does. Is that an omission or can hound pets with Ghost Form be ghostly indefinitely/all the time?

Also, I see that a hunter pet is an Expert Hunter cohort, with an edge and a flaw. The edges listed on p. 96 mostly make sense, although they are clearly intended for people. But, I wonder how the “loyal” edge might even apply to an animal, or what “independent” might mean. I guess it couldn’t be possessed, or distracted with food? I chose “independent” in any case.

The flaws are described even more as if for people, except of course for savage. My pet is a pair of ravens that hang out together. I could have taken “unreliable” but decided to make up my own: They are mischievous, stealing & hiding objects, and playing tricks. So far my GM hasn’t hit me with it but I’m sure he will just after I’ve forgotten all about it.

The hunting pet can be in Ghost Form for any duration, but it often might not want to be. First, there are times where it can actually hurt position or effect, say if the team is up against an enemy whisper or something else designed to have potency against electroplasma or ghosts. Cohorts also only have their quality rating when doing tasks for their type, otherwise they roll two dice and take the lower. In the case of an Expert Hunter, it could mean being unlikely to pull off things like intimidating or distracting. This means there is a lot of incentive for the Hound to be involved with their pet’s actions, putting their own stress on the line.

This can also lead into edges and flaws. For the example of independent, the pet might make good choices without the Hound necessarily being involved. Like if the Hound is separated, and the ravens are left with the other crew members they won’t just idly sit their waiting for the master, and might work along side the other players. And if nothing makes sense for that NPC you could omit edges and flaws (or call it edge: flawless, flaw: edgeless), giving the cohort no advantage or disadvantage.

But…if it has an edge, it can’t be flawless…and if it has a flaw, it can’t be flawless…does not compute! frzzzzt!

But seriously, thank you for the info, it’s most helpful. I’ve largely just been having my pets snoop and haven’t had to roll anything for them…yet.