How do players pay for Tier increases above Tier 2?

So the cost in coin to increase in Tier is (desired Tier+1)*8, so 16 coin for Tier 1, 24 coin for Tier 2, 32 coin for Tier 3 etc.

I know that Patrons (and possibly other things) can reduce this, but in general, how is that cost normally me? A crew with two levels of vault can only store 16 coin, and players could have 4 coin each… beyond that, do we expect PCs to liquidate some stash to meet the coin requirement?


Stash is straightforward and always available. But also after a big score, the characters may have enough coin to Tier up; they don’t need to store that coin, they can immediately spend it to increase Tier.


Is it really tier+1 or just new tier? I was sure it’s 8 coin for tier 1…

If your hold is strong, you can pay to increase your crew Tier by one. This costs coin equal to your new Tier x 8.


Yeah good catch @monkeyEcho. Getting to Tier 1 costs 8 coin; Tier 2, 16; Tier 3, 24, etc.

Thanks, you’re right of course

  • If your hold is strong, you can pay to increase your crew Tier by one. This costs coinequal to your new Tier x 8 . As long as your rep tracker is full, you don’t earn new rep (12 is the max). Once you pay and increase your Tier, reset your rep to zero and reduce your hold to weak .

It changes the initial troublesome point up by a Tier, but still gave me puzzles

I guess that if you had a really, really big score you could get enough cash in hand plus savings plus raiding investments to do it!

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It’s at this point you go big! give them a score for a chest full of silver bars, a prototype hull that is being sold, a priceless art piece, etc. Even just liquidiating that asset and then getting the stuff to tier up can be a fun score by itself.


The killer app here is Patron - I think (without checking) that every crew has it as a special ability on their playbook. That to me points to a truth in the city that once you get to a certain size you need friends in high places to easily advance.

With Patron - which halves your advancement cost - you pay

T1 - 4 coin
T2 - 8
T3 - 12
T4 - 16

Which are significantly more achievable. (Though you need a patron of higher tier so that’s fun finding a t5 patron :-))

Ultimately, you /can/ make it to the top without a Patron but it’s going to be hard and that in itself is a victory for a crew - “We made it on our own” is not something that most crews can say.


Yep. Patron, take it as a crew advance (regular or expert, doesn’t matter). Which even makes sense thematically, it gets to a point where you need someone in the upper echelons of society to let you in, because the upper circles of power are closed to outsiders.