How does Ghost Veil work for you?

Hello everyone!

I’m just looking for some info into the Lurks Ghost Veil power.

For the basic 2 stress version it says they become “shadowy and insubstantial”, what does this mean? Would you let someone walk through walls after activating the 2 stress version? or would they need to spend 1 more stress in order to pass through solid objects like that?

The obvious reference point is ghosts, and from everything I’ve read, ghosts in this setting are vaporous, and vapor can pass through gaps, bars, small holes, etc. but it can’t pass directly through a wall. According to the Ghost playbook even a full on ghost needs to spend Drain in order to pass directly through solid objects like walls (Dissipate), and someone using Ghost Veil is only partially in the in the ghost field, so it makes sense to me that they would also need to spend that extra 1 stress in order to pass through walls.

What do you think? Am I being too restrictive? Should I let someone with Ghost Veil walk through walls with just the 2 stress version?

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

My personal interpretation:

Ghost Veil doesn’t make you “vaporous” just insubstantial and shadowy but you still retain the structure of your form. In other words, you do not become a ghost, you just partially shift your physical body into the ghost-field.

You need +1 stress to make yourself so insubstantial to actually go through solid matter (otherwise, you’re still vaguely physical and you can’t fully compenetrate objects): I interpret this as a way to shift even “deeper” in the ghost-field.

Yeah, that makes sense to me as well.

Do you interpret the option to spend 1 stress to “float through the air like a ghost” to include passing through solid objects?

I wouldn’t, given that phasing through solid objects is already described. I would argue that it would let you float across a street from rooftop to rooftop without fear of falling, or from street level to an open window one or two stories above you.

Oh, where is phasing through solid objects already described? In the entry for Ghost Veil or elsewhere? Or are you referring to Dissipate in the Ghost playbook?

I was thinking of Dissipate, sorry.

But, I think I still wouldn’t let Ghost Veil move through anything too solid. A thin door, a curtain, maybe a person - but not a wall or a ceiling. Guess it’s up to the GM as usual.