How Much Food?

Hey, folks-

How much food do you acquire when you Acquire Assets? How many Horses?

I suspect this is a super-obvious thing I am just totally missing in the book, but all I can seem to find is advice on how to tweak the numbers if you roll low or high, but not exactly how to set the reward in the first place? Is a regular success (4-5) just one FOOD STORES tick that holds 3 Food? Same with Horses? And if you Fail maybe you get a FOOD STORES that already has 1 use ticked, say?

Normally one food store (that holds 3 food or more if you have supply carts). Any yep, if you roll 1-3 then often it’s -1 tick.

Cool, thanks, Sean, I realize now that’s implied in the text, but the way ‘uses’ nests inside Stores threw me off.