How much to reveal at the start?

Big question:
Many informations described in the locations are common knowledge (temple of Kevala, this place is well know for the firemane…Etc). It can cover some special mission or some specific location rule (e.g. +2 for horses).
Legionnaires can even be coming from such a location.

I imagine that, without changing the rule to garantee a special mission, some info should be given at the start of the campaign to all players.

What do you think about this ? Have someone already made a list of well known facts that should be revealed to the PCs ?

PS: unrelated, there’s a typo on the help sheet, saying -1 pressure as penality for failed assault missions (instead of +1).


I don’t know of a sheet like this but let me give you a couple points we talked about.

  1. You don’t want to overwhelm players. There’s a TON of setting information that’s just not going to process until they’ve got their feet under them. You don’t have to make path decisions till Plainsworth, so it’s probably good to give them a little summary/review at that point.

  2. There is a set of commanders questions at Intel 3 that can help them ask this question as they move forward. So it might be a thing you talk about during/before briefings.

This info isn’t SECRET so much as it’s just a lot. If you do make a little summary sheet “The Long Road is draining on food and resources, but there’s a ton of Black Shot at Barrak” is probably handy. I’m curious what you think goes on that :slight_smile:

PS. We’ll update the sheets with a fix in a bit. A few eagle eyed people pointed this out. Still swamped with stuff post-release (you think once you send a book to the printers you’re done, but there was still sheet edits, roll20 assets, website, and whole chunks of other stuff in the pipeline we’re trying to swim through)

Thanks for your reply !

I plan to start my BoB campain in Sept. I’ll see in the meatime what I can prepare as a well-know-fact-of-the-world sheet.

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Did you make that well-known-facts sheet?

Not yet !
I focused on re-reading the rules and watching some actual play by Stras.
I GMed my first one shot mission last Wednesday to test my understanding of the rules and my ability to GM BoB. I had a blast ! It was a real pleasure to run this game !!

So next week, I’ll create this well-known fact sheet. Are you in a hurry to get it or do I have the full week to prepare it ?

No rush. Take your time to make it look good :slight_smile:

The way I handle it at my table is simply to ask players to ask what questions they have about the locations that are coming up. If you’re going to let the player’s know about a mission that might be in a specific location or about a certain aspect of a location coming up, I would encourage you to put it in the mouth of an NPC.

Instead of “you’ve heard stories about Kevala” perhaps your Chosen tells them those stories. Instead of “there are many Panyar in Durresh,” have a specific squad member who has family there and have them talk about the isolated conclaves. This will help ground those facts and put a face on them, which gives us a reason to care.

That said, a fact sheet of 'here’s some high-level stuff everyone who reads the detailed location descriptions would understand" is pretty reasonable! I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with!


I did a rough and quick draft based on info from the book. I also added for each section possible hints leading to special missions. That’s why, for now, this document is for GM only.

Players, do not read it.

It’s available here: