How well will Band of Blades work if only 2 players can show up regularly?

Basically the title. I have a 3rd who’s interested, but life will keep them from reliably making it to the session and I don’t want to leave them out.

I can see little disruption to the missions, but would the campaign system be hurt?

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I play the game in a similar situation,so I hope my suggestions may help you.

In my game,I found the real important campaign role is the marshal:your players can make decision together in a few minutes to finshi the works of the commander and the quartermaster.Just let new guys play them,let them lead the discussion and make rp,that’s fine,this won’t hurt anything.But if you lose the marshal in any mission,GM can only finish all the boring math prolem by himself.The more important thing is:keep the marshal,you keep the atmosphere of the Legion.

And it may sounds a littlie strange,put the other faithful player on the lorekeeper:It’s not a main campaign role,right.But when most of your players can’t attend every time,you need someone to tell them what had happened in the last mission.By the way,change the lorekeeper in the half of the game will be a bad idea,don’t even try :frowning:

Hope these could help :slight_smile:

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