Hozelbrucke Bridge

Hi everyone! Any good real-life inspiration for Hozelbrucke Bridge?

I’ve “merged” Prague’s Charles Bridge (grey stone, gothic-feel and statues of old-time emperors/chose) with London’s Tower Bridge (lines between towers that can be wrecked or dangled from)


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My Old Empire is a sort of dieselpunk Roman Empire, so the sort of modern classical architecture of DC made sense as an inspiration. In this case, the Key Bridge or Memorial Bridge were my inspiration - classical arches but with modern trappings like metal catwalks for repairs. (Which made a difference in my game, the undead were using their own bodies to plug a gap in the bridge, but my players used the catwalks to cross unnoticed beneath them.)

One of the nice things about the Blades system though is that you can have a vague idea in mind and just invent details as you need them. Mine also had old (now useless) pipes running under it that previously would have carried hot water to warm the bridge, which is something my players came up with because they needed something to climb but ended up saying a lot about the technological capabilities of the Old Empire.


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I just want everyone to know how much I love this thread :slight_smile: Connor, I’m so here for your Empire take.

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