I’ve created Clocks and Dice is an online dice roller, chat, and clock tracker. It’s a site to support synchronous online play with your friends.

I wanted to get my crew that’s been playing SWRPG for years now into Blades in the Dark. The site we use with zoom for Star Wars play is SkyJedi’s SWRPG dice roller ( There’s excitement that comes with dramatic dice rolls and we crack each other up with our dice roll captions. We’ve used it for one gaming session already and it worked well for us.

I couldn’t find anything quite like it for Blades (I know there’s generic dice rollers and roll20) but I wanted something simple to get into that supported both clocks (with the tension they create) and BitD dice rolls. I also wanted an excuse to learn Clojurescript so I wrote Clocks and Dice.

As long as the site hosting doesn’t become burdensome my intention is to provide it as a free resource for anyone. Your channel name acts as a shared secret, anyone with the name can find your game channel and play on your “board.”

I’ve made the source code available for anyone interested as well:


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