Hype track for my group and yours!

Hey all!

I wanted to share a track that I made to hype my group up for our upcoming Band of Blades campaign. I took a couple of the wonderfully evocative bits of lore in the book from Dame Mikila Savrelli, made a few edits to blend them together - including changing Dame Mikila to Sir Mikael so I wouldn’t have to change my voice - gave them a few reads, and then spent a few hours writing a simple score and mixing it down.

I’m proud of how it turned out, and I’m happy to say that my group is super hyped as well! After I finished I figured that maybe there were a few other GMs out there getting ready to start their game, and maybe they’d like to have something to send out to their groups as well. Please feel free to share this with your groups if you wish! I definitely plan on producing more of these, so if you have any feedback or requests let me know!

On the production side, I know there are a few issues with the mix and vocal recording quality. I hadn’t intended to share this widely when I was making it, but now that I see the final result I wish I had payed better attention while mixing and mastering. I didn’t catch them until after I had exported the track and played them through my reference monitors, so I’ll be paying better attention (and getting a pop-guard) for my next project.

Cheers all. For the Legion!


Never thought of reading those as a radio drama. This was neat!

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This is so cool, you’ve inspired me to do the same for my next campaign!

Awesome, then I’ll consider this a successful mission. :wink:

Would love to hear it when you’re finished!

Thanks Stras, that means a lot! Glad you enjoyed it, it was so fun to make. Hard to stop where I did, I probably could have gone on and done the rest of the book!