I love Dishonored 2

Having played Dishonored 2 from both Emily and Corvo’s perspectives (low chaos both times) and Billie Lurk’s story through Death of the Outsider, I argue that you would be hard pressed to find as rich and rewarding game in an ~70-hour gaming experience (it took me 30 hours for Emily’s, 20 for Corvo’s, and another 20 for Lurk’s). It’s honestly in my top three, alongside Mass Effect 2, and Diablo 2.


Yeah, true. I yet have to play Death of the Outsiders but I re-played D2 as Emily recently and just by choosing different powers and story options it’s a brand new story in the same/loved setting. So much fun.
Seems that Death of the Outsiders is on the same level, so I will try that … right after Sekiro (which may take some time)

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Death of the Outsider has such a weird game-feel to me. Maybe its just the mana difference or the more linear level design, it never felt quite right.

That being said, Dishonored 1 & 2 are both some of my favorite games of all time. D1 is one of the only games that I have purposely gotten every achievement for just out of sheer desire to spend some more time in the game.

The only problem with the games is that regardless of whatever RPG im running, my brain always goes: “Hey is it time to play Blades again?”

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The pacing is certainly different, and not just because it’s a dlc and therefore a smaller deliverable, but it feels like there was a very particular story they wanted to tell. It was short and punchy.

I was actually listening to the Hague-verse Blades that Harper did with Nittner, Stras, and Koebel while playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided and then I was listening to Roleplay’s Blades while playing dishonored 2, so whenever I think of those games I very quickly free-associate to wanting to play Blades in the Dark again.

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