Icons and Other Roll 20 Assets?

Stras, John L-L, and Team, fantastic work on this. It is a grant iteration on the Blades storytelling system. It adds all the dials, levers, and the tone I LOVE. The book is beautiful and it has been a truly satisfying read. Thank you all for putting in the effort.

For the rest of us, a quick query. A player of mine is getting an itch to run a Blades game; thankfully, he wants to run Band of Blades!!. I get to plaaaaay!

He is asking for roll20 help. After watching actual play, does anyone know a good place to get the maps that were used on the missions? My Photoshop skills are terrible; any leads on the Squad Icons?

Thanks all!


The big map (the one on the main screen) should be included wherever you got your PDFs.

The additional maps were made mostly by John LL. It’s best if you ping him on twitter (@worldnamer). They’re not official, it’s just what we make for our games, but I know he’s sent them to a few peeps that requested.

The Squad icons are in the book, you might be able to pull them from the PDF. Ping me if you have too much trouble.


Thanks so much! I’ll reach out.

Our first official game is in a week. I’ll keep us all posted. :slight_smile:

I love the squad icons, but is there an official insignia for the Legion itself? We’re about to start a Roll20 game as well, and we were hoping we could make a token with the insignia to represent where the Legion was on the map.

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If you find something I’d love to hear about it. We’re using Shreya and I’m thinking of clipping an image of her and using it to denote the position of the legion.

Great idea!

Yeah, I’m debating just a bunch of book scanbs, but I don’t want to damage the book itself.

Once I hear from @worldnamer (I don’t have twitter, so I am literally making one for this… yay wonderful world of twitter!) I’ll clear with him then share if he’s okay with it.

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