Ikrand - A Character driven game about seeking goals, and facing consequences

Hello Blades! I am the Author of Ikrand, a FitD game that has been in development for the past years since the release of blades. (In its current form.) If you’ve frequented the discord in the past, you might have heard of Game of Darkness or Ikrand: Stories as well, which are the grandfathers of Ikrand. Anyways, here the pitch:

Ikrand is a Forged in the Dark game about exploring characters personal stakes, in a world full of political tension, swords, and a moderate amount of sorcery. We play to explore the personality and goals of our characters, see them struggle, and grow, and overcome seemingly insurmountable opponents.

Ikrand rebuilds the FitD philosophy from scratch, delving back into the Forge to unite the philosophy and core rules of of BitD, with several Burning Wheel ideas, and numerous new concepts.

Ikrand is currently in its Skeleton phase. I focus on developing new mechanics and filling out blanks. This phase will last until the game is mechanically complete, and i move on to fleshing out descriptions and writing the “how to use this” sections. (Though plenty of these are already there.)

As mentioned in the pitch, Ikrand is a game done from scratch. It follows the FitD philosophy, but unlike many other FitD titles it is not a re-flavoring of Blades. I’ve worked from the ground up, keeping only the most basic of concepts (Rolls, Actions, Abilities), and scrutinized and analyzed every aspect of the game to be exactly what is required. And no more. Yes this sounds lofty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But it will explain the lack of many of Blades in the Dark “staple” mechanics.

Ikrand is designed for group and one on one play. One GM, several players. As it is a Skeleton, deep knowledge of FitD is recommended (having played BitD a lot is enough), but less so from the perspective of the Players.

Getting the Game
Due to my current financial situation, i’m hard pressed to call Ikrand a hobby i can do for free. And as such i am forced to support the development through Patreon. The model is quite generous. 1$ a month gets you the game in its current state. Any more then that gets you work in progress files. However, given the exciting move to the new forum, i’ll be providing Skeleton version 7 (current) for free right here.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience and barrier of entry. (If you wan’t to support me some other way, hit me up privately, here or on Discord.)


The Game (Skeleton 7): PDF On Google Drive
The Character Sheet (Temporary): Sheet on Google Sheets

Patreon (Latest Versions): https://www.patreon.com/Ikrand

Public Discord: https://discord.gg/h75bpbn

The Discord server is my design space, if you’re interested in deep discussions about FitD, and Ikrand, come have a gander. You can usually see the new content for the game there as well, before its released. Play tests are also held here, if you ever want to listen in or potentially join.

As time progresses, i will most likely expand upon this post with more in depth information on what makes Ikrand truly unique. But writing praise about your own game is hard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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