"Imperial CIty supplement" - is that a thing?

I am confused :slight_smile:

Is it just an unfounded rumor? Was it a real, but long-abandoned, project? Is it a real project but with an indefinite timeframe? Or will it be published like next month? :slight_smile:

(the only official reference I was able to find online is an ooold comment on G+, where John Harper mentioned in passing that an Imperial City supplement was in his “future todo list”)

More generally: are there any upcoming supplement for Blades in the Dark? Or there is nothing planned, and I should not expect anything Doskvol-related to be published in the foreseeable future?

Thanks a lot!

Maybe it’s in the far future, but the next step is not the Imperial City : it is a description of U’Suasha, the capital of Iruvia. It is now being worked on by another author and will be published “soon”. It will be accompanied by special playbooks. This will be different from what was in the special edition of BitD.

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Some of the Imperial City concepts are in Sean Nittner’s supplement, Broken Spire (linked here: https://bladesinthedark.com/blades-supplements). You can also find Leviathan Song there (covering Lockport), plus other stuff that expands the setting.

Some elements in the Bluecoats supplement, Flame Without Shadow, touch on Imperial City and offer opportunities there (though it heavily focuses on Coalridge as its setting). FWS is still in development.

A standalone Imperial City supplement could still happen, but it’s not currently on the docket.


Thank you so much, I had missed “Broken Spire”.