Imperial grasp on Iruvia

Does the Emperor control Iruvia? If yes, why does Iruvia have a consulate in Doskvol? Or is the Emperor sort of soft ruler and they employ local rulers to enforce and compete between each other?

Info on the history of Iruvia is found in the (as far as I know) unreleased City guide to U’Duasha.

400 years ago Iruvia made a pact with the Immortal Emperor and joined the empire as a tributary state, retaining all of its autonomy and wealth, as well as a large standing army.

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Thanks a lot, @watergoesred! What is this guide? Can you share some more why it’s unreleased?

It was a stretch goal for the Kickstarter and published only in the Special Edition rulebook.

Last I heard, John was playtesting playbooks to go with the publication of the guide. See:

Thanks a lot, looking forward to seeing it published!