Incorporating mechanics not explicitly defined

Hi all, there were a couple of mechanics in Agon that were a little vague and I wanted to gain some insight on how / how often to utilize them.

Leadership - the change of leadership in the voyage phase. I just wanted to hear from people any ideas for challenges they threw in here, the game is already so prewritten and modular that i guess i’d like a framework with this, or to get some inspiration.

Interpretations - how are you guys throwing signs of the gods into the game? Are you telling the leader in ‘visions’ and having them read it out loud, or actually putting those items in the ship before arriving at the island?

Divine wrath - how often is this being applied? should i apply it to every roll or just some, does it get spent like divine favor? any tips on this would help.

Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to run my first game soon.

In my campaign, it’s something related to the journey or the past island. I.e. if the player keeps an artifact like the Pillar’s of the Storm, controlling it the first time is the contest for the leader.
Last time it was Apollonia, a giant woman who refused to sleep with Zeus, and the Father of the Gods imprisoned her in the sea. So, the players ask Poseidon to free her - praying Poseidon was the contest.

Vision, most of the time.

I’m using it every time a God with Wrath is watching the heroes. The Gods are not always interested in the heroes’ journey so, it’s not every contest. But if something captures their attention…

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