Indulging vice with zero-level attribute & quality pool

We came up with interesting situation today - we have a scoundrel that has nothing in the Resolve-related attributes. All is zero. During score, the rules to roll two dice and select the lowest applies, but what happens during downtime activity indulging vice?

  1. The scoundrel rolls two dice and picks the lower result. This ruling also reduced the possibility to overindulge, depending on the current stress, but also reduces the possibility to remove more stress per downtime action.

  2. Rolls two dice and picks the higher. I.e. the downtime roll is not penalized as action roll during score or free-play phase.

We decided to go with option 1, looked like more in the spirit of the game.

Yeah it’s option 1. Any time you roll 0d, you roll two dice and take the lower result.