Inspiration : original illustrations of our campaign PCs


A good friend of mine, who is also an illustrator, has recently drawn & colored the 3 PCs of our BitD campaign started 3 years ago.

I thought I’ll share those illustrations there, as inspiration.
The artist name is Elliot Jolivet, aka Tensei:

This is Ludius Dalmore, the boss of my PC crew, who got very seriously injured in the first session of our campaign.

Fast forward a few sessions, when the PCs have contacted an occultist to try to revive their half-dead boss: in the middle of the ritual, some of the crew arch-enemies wade in, spreading chaos. In the end, one of the PC soul ended up in Ludius body, and is now inhabiting it!

This is Eric Stamp, an impulsive and violent thug PC, who is collecting the heads of his dead enemies. He is also trying to improve his disguise skills, but so far carrying a huge hammer did not help much…

Elaria is a revengeful shadow assassin, who was the gang late boss protégé and who now defends his legacy and the gang reputation with an iron fist.

By the way, I took note of the whole campaign there:
You’ll find a couple of links to Pinterest boards collecting inspirational pictures of Blades in the Dark characters & places.

I take a lot of inspiration for my tabletop RPG sessions from pictures.
I’d be curious to know what illustrations you may have collected & used in your BitD sessions!


Cool looking dudes! Same here regarding inspiration from pinterest. People, places, equipment, moods, etc. All easy to find and great for story inspiration and how to explain it to your players.

Three years later, Tensei made new versions of the characters in our campaign:

  • Elaria is an Akorosi Lurk, who grew up among the workers of Coalridge. She is cold-blooded, addict to opiates, a deadly infiltrator, and an outstanding acrobat. The gang is her life, the day-to-day affairs of which she frequently manages, and she secretly aspires to take control of all of Crow’s Foot.

  • Eric is a Tycherosi enforcer, known for his big sledge hammer, his collection of decapitated heads in jars, and his talent for disguise.

  • Mist is an Iruvian Whisper, master of devils. He tries to run away from a pact he made with a powerful Demon Prince, back in U’Duasha. Once, the cross he is wearing on his neck allowed him to travel back in time. He also has an extendable staff at the waist to capture spirits.

  • Lodius was Akorosi Leech, and the gang boss. He used to fight with two axes, and has a past as an officer on a Leviathan hunting ship. A few months ago, he got possessed by Roric ghost during a ritual, and then something strange happened… The spirit of one of his men, Ethnos, entered his body. Since then, Ethnos has been trapped in Lodius body, and Lodius spirit seems to be gone… The gang leadership has slighlty changed, and that is probably a key element in its recent expansion. And now Lodius fights with a blowgun and explosives!

And finally, there are some blades used by the gang:

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Very very cool. Very :slight_smile: