Integrating Back at Camp scenes into the reward structure

So I’ve been feeling like the Back at Camp scenes in my campaign have been a bit perfunctory and extraneous. I think this is because they are completely divorced from the Reward structure of the game. At the end of the scene, nothing changes, either with the characters or the Legion, or at least there’s no solid mechanism for ensuring this happens. My idea is to add an XP trigger to the Back at Camp scenes:

At the end of the back at camp scene, each PC marks experience if the following is true:

  • You expressed or struggled with the values of the Legion.

I think this would also bring more focus onto the themes of the horror of war, desperate measures, that sort of thing. What do you all think?

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I think this is a great idea, although I’d probably only offer the XP to characters who hadn’t just gone on a mission to avoid unbalancing the XP track.

I also recommend

  1. Ask the Marshal if anyone has qualified for medals. Posthumously?
  2. Hold a funeral or memorial for anyone who was killed on the last set of missions.
  3. Insert your Chosen into their own scene to make players react to them.
  4. Ask the Lorekeeper a question about the Legion just for fun.
  5. Ask the players if any of the PC’s dislike each other, dislike the leadership or otherwise have morale problems.