Interior Map Apps

So I enjoy playing around with various mapping applications and I was wondering what everyone uses for making interior maps, like for lairs, taverns, and such? I really haven’t been able to find any really good ones. I have been thinking about maybe finding a decent program for making blueprint type maps and then aging them a bit.

Dungeon Painter is pretty great. For interiors and exteriors. Not as many options for modern or sci-fi settings, but if you’re just wanting it for Blades, it should have you mostly covered due to it’s anachronism.

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Dungeon Painter is good. I’ve got it, but it still seems to be lacking a bit. Still doable though. Perhaps I just need to play around with it more. Thanks, though!

Actually, after playing around some more in DPS, and discovering that my biggest issue with it was simply me missing a simple keystroke to toggle off grid snapping (Doh!) I have to say that it’s an awesome program! Loving the 2 Minute Dungeon tileset as well!
Still cannot believe that I overlooked that hotkey, like 8 times. :upside_down_face:
Thanks again for the suggestion. It was the cause of me giving it another go! GG.

I use dungeonfog for interior and inkarnate for maps