Introducing Forged in the Dark Mechanics with a Comic Book

Hey all,

So the kickstarter for Galaxies in Peril is doing very well, which means I have the awesomely fun responsibility of putting together an outline for the introductory comic that looks like will be going in it.

It can’t be entirely comprehensive of course, but I would appreciate any feedback on things you’d like to see in there, or see clarified, or don’t like, etc.

I’ve linked the word file below, I’d appreciate any eyeballs on it. I’ve tried to make it a bit lighter, more action-packed, and less dialogue-heavy than the Worlds in Peril comic if you’re familiar with it. Ideally, I’d like to keep it in the page range I’ve got there (around 14 pages) since it can get both a bit pricey and takes a big time commitment to get done.

Here’s the word file thanks in advance!

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Actually made a second attempt at this in case anyone is interested!

Here’s the file for the second attempt.

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