Is BoB finished?

I’m just wondering if it’s considered to be…complete? I’m not trying to complain or suggest it’s not, to be clear - if this is the finished product then I’m absolutely happy with what I bought.

The reason I ask is that I’ve seen some older threads that mention additional material forthcoming - mostly additional Chosen/Broken, the twin gods of Aldermark, something-Binder, etc. But the most recent comments/posts about that stuff I can find seems to be a year or older, so I’m not sure if these are features that were cut or what.

Similarly, there I saw discussion of additional, subsequent campaigns planned for release - are those still in development, or have the designers moved on to other projects?


Hi Brian,

Yep, Band of Blades was completed and released on August 1, 2019. The additional content in development are for supplements that are forthcoming (though not ETA yet as the OGG folks are still in early phases of dev).



Thanks for letting me know. Like I said, I’m really happy with Band of Blades the product, but I’m also happy to hear the…product line?..still has a future. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is coming down the pipe.

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