Is it possible to edit a topic?

I’m not able to edit a topic and want to, because…

Some time ago I made a post about my hack which says that its status is beta and where to find the playtest material. Now, I did the release and want to update the status and the links for the full book. I can add an answer to the original topic but this means that everybody has to scroll down several pages to find this update information. I can edit the title of the topic and the category but not the content.

Is the edit possible? If yes, how?

Which thread/post do you want to edit?

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It looks like Discourse forums have a default setting that prevents editing a post after a certain time, usually a month or two. The admins could change that setting, but I think that can only be implemented globally rather than just for one post.

I think there’s good reasons to not open all posts to editing indefinitely. But I’m only a moderator so it’s not my call.

In the mean time, perhaps you could start a new thread with the updated info and link to that at the end of your old thread. If you like, I could close the old topic so all new comments would be directed to your new thread.

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Hi Oliver, thanks for the help. I don’t want to topple a rule for all the postings. Thanks for the advice regarding adding the new thread. I’ll do that and link the old topic.
I think I wait a little bit more before I do it, though. I have a bad conscience because I flooded the community with my aFoD stuff :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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