Is this paragraph correct? P.218: Once the Marshal

Hallo community. I’m skimming the book in the hope of starting a campaign, sooner or later.

I arrived to page 218. It starts with:

Once the Marshal selects a primary mission, we cut to the action—describing
the scene as the squad engages their first obstacle.

However, in the previous pages I see:

At the start of the mission phase, the GM presents the Legion players with at
least two—though typically, three—available missions…

It is the Commander’s responsibility to pick the primary mission. The players
will play through this mission in the mission phase. **The Commander also **
picks the secondary mission, whose fate is determined by the Marshal’s
engagement roll…

After the Commander has chosen which mission will be played through, the
Marshal will assign a squad and up to two Specialists to each mission.

So, is that phrase at page 218 correct?

Yes, this is an error. Commander chooses the Missions. Marshal chooses the squads & Specialists.

Use the Duties sections for each of the playbooks as the gospel.

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Also the extensive descriptions in each role, and the detailed example of play. ^_~

I’ll ping Sean about an errata though! Thanks!