Jhereg Crews Update

Quick update on Blades of the Jhereg. My original plan for Jhereg crews was just to create the template for players to play a Jhereg organization like the kind Vlad Taltos runs in the early books of the series. Since there was only a single crew type, I gave them a wide select of abilities and upgrades so that a crew could be built to cover a wide variety of different styles. But the resulting number of options ending up being overwhelming.

My solution was to create a second crew type, this one focused on more freeform score choices and less about territory control. This helped refine the crew abilities and upgrades to create more focused crew types with clearer options.

Descriptions of the crews as follows (link to the full crew text at the end):

There are two types of crews in the Jhereg: Organizations and Freelancers.

Play an Organization if you want to vie against other Jhereg factions to control turf. Your success will depend on how much territory you can take, and whether you can hold it. You’ll work for a boss who’ll scrape a percentage of profits off the top.

Playing an Organization will mean that your scores will mostly involve taking turf from other factions and establishing claims. Your income will primarily come from the turf and claims you control. Play an Organization if you want to manage territory and fight against other factions.

Play Freelancers if you want to work for yourselves and choose your own jobs. You can run the scores that interest you, and in the name of advancing your interests and ambitions.

Playing Freelancers means you can accept jobs from Jhereg organizations or from patrons outside the Jhereg. Your scores can be as varied as you like. You’ll earn funds from your patrons, or through whatever payments you line up for yourselves. Play Freelancers if you want to play a simpler faction game, and don’t want to manage turf or gangs.


As always, let me know if you have any feedback, questions, comments, etc.!