Jinx (from Arcane League of Legends) playbook

I made a Jinx playbook - It’s a perfect character for a one-shot game or a short campaign.

If you are obsessed like me with Arcane and you cannot wait for the second season… this is the playbook for you :smiley:



If you play it, let me know!


Yes, that was a great show.
The Playbook seem fitting; Cool concept and graphics.

For “Everybody Panic” - maybe state potency or increased level of effect for Wreck to make the mechanic clearer.

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Ah, thank you for the feedback!

yep. I am at 3 rewatch >_>

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Added a version with the regular “3 dots” in the actions, as a fresh start character (a player suggested it on reddit).

I registered SPECIFICALLY to say that I love this.

Well done!

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Oh, thank you <3 !