Kinetics Special Ability

The Mystic Special Ability “Kinetics” allows the user to push themselves in order to “do one of the following: use the Way to throw a table-sized object with dangerous forcepropel yourself briefly with superhuman speed.”

I’m interested in hearing how others run this in their games. For example, suppose a player wants their PC to move with superhuman speed to move across a large distance that would otherwise require a few rolls. Do you just have the PC expend 2 Stress and simply move to the desired destination? Do you still ask the player to roll an Action, but with +1D or +1 Effect because the PC pushed themselves? As far as Actions go, obvious player choices are either Scramble or Attune. Would you establish the Effect differently for either of these Actions? I’m tempted to say in most situations Scramble would be more effective than Attune when seeking to move with this Ability.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I would generally let the player describe how their ability works, and let the fiction flow from there. I could see using it very much like the force in star wars. moving fast, jumping high, force pushing, and so forth. I’ve also seen it used like mass effect biotics, all about manipulation of mass/gravity.

As far as whether or not to roll, it depends on the situation. If there’s no other danger than simply “them not making it there” i would probably just let them do it with spending stress. But if they wanted to Force Push Obi-Wan into the lava, that sounds like a roll to me. Similarly to how you don’t have to roll Wreck when use use the ‘Superhuman feat of strength’ move if you’re just smashing a door. But if that door is part of a big old chase scene, it might become a roll.