Large & Printable Map?

I’m suprised not to find this topic … but is there a large, like poster sized, version of tha map anywhere? I can see it listed on the BoB page; DTRPG description does not mention it; and I got my digital version via Bits & Mortar link which included “only” the book & the sheets.

It’s definitely in the DTRPG files, and the KS backer ones (I try to synchronize everything when we release).

I know I sent the map files to EH when I uploaded them the other places, so I’ll go ping them and see what’s up. The email was probably lost in the shuffle, they’re pretty great about stuff.

@JobotBobica word on the street is Bricks and Mortar should have the files now. Take another peek for me if you would :slight_smile: Sorry to impose, but want to make sure our fans are taken care of.

I just downloaded it again and it’s in now:

  • Band of Blades Electronic Edition EHP0048E.pdf
  • Band of Blades Map - Color.jpg
  • Band of Blades Map - Gray.jpg
  • Band of Blades Playsheets - Color.pdf
  • Band of Blades Playsheets - Gray.pdf


Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for checking that out for us.

I love everything about the new high definition map, except for the fact that it’s so big you can’t upload it to roll20. I had to mess around with mspaint for a while before I found a resolution it would upload.

Quick hint. Get it to a resolution on your screen you like. Screenshot (I use snipping tool in windows or the CMD+SHIFT+4 on my laptop). Upload. It’s a fast hack I use for r20. ^_~

The huge map is for folks that want to print stuff for big tables at home.

FYI, I had both the B&W and the color versions of the map printed at Staples as blueprints. Come in 24 x 36. Should be impressive props, cost about $20 for both. I’ll try to post a photo after I pick them up.

Ok well I may have misjudged just how frickin huuuuuuge 36 x 48 is but hey, I aim to make an impression.


That needs some cool movement markers for the Legion and the bad guys.

I had them run off a black & white version in the same size that I plan to mark up with all kinds of troop movements, Mission Names, deaths, etc.

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I’m in the UK and got the game through Zatu Games. Unfortunately they don’t seem to provide any digital links at all. Would it be possible to just have the map with the Player Kits on the resources page for Evil Hat?

If they’re part of Bits & Mortar then they should be able to provide you with the digital package.

If not, then send Evil Hat an email (typically we like to see your receipt and a picture of you with the actual book as proof of purchase) and we’ll set you up per our PDF guarantee.

Ok, they don’t appear to be, but I’ll send over an email. Thank you.

I’ve got the two map files from Evil Hat and the b&w image is 7200 x 5400, but the color image is only 3600 x 2700. I’m trying to upload the color file to a service to print but they say it’s too low rez.

Is there a higher rez color map available?