Last Wave Question

  1. The -1D per Infamous left alive: What if some Infamous where never possible to field because the Broken didnt unlock them? So the players never had a chance to encounter them? Do they still count as -1D? Or do only the ‘encounter’ Infamous counts?

  2. Killing an Lieutenant has NO impact on the Last Wave. [I understand that giving -D for leaving them alive might be harse, giving their threath… but should players be rewarded if they succeed in killing an Lieutenant]. They do get a score bonus… but no bonus last wave? (eg certain relics do get both last wave bonus and final score)

  3. Saying how remembering all of these conditions can be cumbersome, perhaps add checkboxes on the last wave sheet?

  4. Perhaps also checkboxes/lines for the final scoring sheet. So that you can see how your total score was constructed?

  5. The Back at Camp sheet page looks at of place (since the other 3 are about final score/wave).
    Also when doubleside printing the order of those four (half) page is off… I expected 'Back at Camp first page (since most often and first used, then skydagger Keep, than final wave, and then Final scoring (at the back if you fold the doublesided page). Which means Back at Camp and Final Scoring should be swapped?

  1. If the powers are not available they don’t exist hence they’re not “alive” per se. If they don’t encounter them but they’re around, it’s fine.

  2. Correct.

I’ll talk to John about the rest, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on this.