Leech Reference sheet

Hey there! I might play a Leech soon and realised it needed a quick reference for its starting formulas. Otherwise it’s quite tedious, looking them up in the book. I figured I’d share it here for other leeches to enjoy! I’m opened to feedback, discuss it here!



This is some great work. It is often the little things that are a huge value.

Thank you for this! My Crewe’s leech will <3 it!

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This is very handy, I will forward this to my group :slight_smile:
As GM I have all rules into Realm Works, so I can check things quickly without using the PDF. Haven’t entered the whole book yet, just the essentials. I follow the books layout, but I see that bullets will be very handy in this situation :smiley:

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Great tool! It’ll save you a lot of time for sure!

Thanks! I’d love to know what your player thinks about it. Oh and if you play IRL, there’s a print-ready sheet (with an « added formulas » section and blank slots ) that’s linked in one of this version’s comments.