LFG: Seattle FtF (most)

I’m looking for a game in Seattle. Every other week would be perfect frequency. I live in Ballard but I work downtown so I have some flexibility on location; Eastside is pretty inconvenient, though. :frowning:

I’d be into Blades itself, Band of Blades, Mutants in the Night, Scum & Villainy, A Nocturne, Copperhead County, Hack the Planet – I want the chance to engage with the mechanics from the player point of view and I’m fairly flexible about genre.

I am more than willing to have coffee/dinner and chat to make sure I’m a good fit and vice versa.


I might be interested. I’m currently running my own hacks but I’m sure I’ll play more official releases soon. I just moved, but let’s DM and see what happens?

I’m actually down with Moth-Light too – I dig the science fantasy vibe I think I’m seeing!

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