[LFP] Band of Blades - A Baptism of Fire

With a fresh faced army of youths, they sent you to reclaim a war torn city, locked in sin and lost to the Daemon…

You are an Exorcist of the Grael army. Exorcists are decorated officers who must lead a Baptism of Fire. You and the other exorcists must retake Caladrass, The City District of Genetics. It has been captured for over a hundred years by the Daemons. Its secrets have been used to make the races of Grael the plaything of the Daemons. Now mutant hordes are running rampant from this district. It is your job to reconquer this district and take its secrets for yourself.

But Caladrass was a paradise with so much life around it and many secrets. What will you reclaim to increase your power?

When Grael evacuates a city district , many millions are left behind to the ravages of the daemon. It seems whatever force exists in Caladrass has made humans more peaceful at first glance. There is plenty of food and water to be had. Even though there are mutant hordes, there are places of safety, where many continue life. This is where Grael teaches us that the daemon festers its more insidious plans. Be wary of any places left behind. Reclaim the population, retake all resources to grow your army, and destroy any taint the daemon leaves behind.

Game Details

Hello All,

I am looking to run a Band of Blade game set in a world city of daemons that have been invading for thousands of years. You are responsible for a small army of individuals that are looking to conquer one city district.

Game Time can be on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday night at 5pm to 8:30 pm MT. We will play on Roll20 for virtual table top but chat will be on Discord.

You dont have to be experienced to play in this game. This is a quick game system to learn. Join if you want a military dark fantasy experience.

If you want to play, post below and I will send you a message inviting you to the game and discord!

-Warlord Mal