[LFP] Changing Intertwined: A BitD Campaign

Hey all, cross posting this here and in the Discord.
Time: Weekly on Wednesday, 9:00-11:30pm PT (local: <t:1684382400:t>)
System(s): Blades in the Dark
Format: Voice and video
Platform(s): Discord, Foundry VTT via Forge

  • Looking for 3-4 players who are able to commit to attend regularly and are interested in establishing a play group together, as much as is possible. Hoping to find folks really interested in using the system to build a story and who will embody the spirit of the game while generously sharing the space with each other.
  • All experience levels welcome, happy to teach/learn the system together. I am a fairly new GM, have only run a few one-shots. However, as an avid worldbuilder, I am excited about building a world with my fellow players.
  • I plan to start with the “War in Crow’s Nest” situation as the group gets to know each other, then see where it goes!

My core inspiration for any intentions I have for this group is a haiku I got from a generator:

Flames flicker weary
Kindred souls without answers
Changing Intertwined

Curious if you got players for this? New to Blades but would be interesting in potential playing an online game and I think that time slot would work out.

Let me know if your still looking for players for this!


I have put together a group, but will let you know if room opens up or another campaign launches.