LFP for weekly online campaign

We have a GM and 1, possibly 2 players so far. We’re looking at Sunday afternoon or Monday evenings as play time - weekly (whatever works best for the group). Time zone is EST/EDT.

We’ll be using Discord as our primary source of communication/gameplay. Other platform(s) tbd, though won’t incur any cost.

Looking for mature players with at least some TTRPG experience.

Hey, depending on time I’m potentially interested. My availability is 12-4pm or after 8pm EST/EDT

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12-4 Sundays is kind of what we were looking at - I’ll make up a discord server later and give you the link.

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I’m interested if you still have space for a PC. Thanks :slight_smile:

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We are still looking - I still haven’t made a discord server, I’ll let you know when I do (should be before the end of the weekend).

If there is still an open slot, I would be interested. I have no experience with BitD (just got the rules tonight), but I’ll be ready for the first session. I’ve played regularly on Discord and Fantasy Ground using Star Wars (FFG) and Savage Worlds systems.

https://discord.gg/4cNtgJyh if you’re still interested. I’m a little slow getting this together, I’ve been busy lately.


I posted the discord server in the thread.

Still looking for one more!

I am interested if you are still looking for a player

https://discord.gg/dC8uRQk2 is our Discord server.

Is your group filled up? I didn’t want to join the server if you’re already full.

Hey, if you’re still interested we’re playing at 2pm Sunday every second week. We have a crew of 4 and have had 2 sessions, we could use another player because of people missing. Feel free to join the server, here’s a new link: