[LFP] Paid GM looking for BitD players in Online game (CST)

I’m looking for 3 to 5 players for a weekly Blades in the Dark game, friendly to newer players and consistent. Schedule and format would be flexible, but based on some day(weekday or weekend) in the evening CST. The game will primarily be on discord, but Foundry VTT is also an option we can discuss as a group.

The game is pay-to-play, but session 0 is free to figure things out.
LFGM post (more information there, especially the session 0 post):

Do you charge per session?

Yes, it was per session. However, I have a full crew of 5. I’ll update the post.

If you want, I can send you my Discord to keep in contact for the future, in case there is an opening from a player leaving or I start up a second game. Thanks for the interest.