[LFP] Scum & Villainy STREAM

Hey Folks,

I’ve been asked to GM a game for Know Your Roll (for example of their streams: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm3qkcDnJb97ghmdOKihrZzBXVc9C3MiD)
and we’ve settled on some space-hopping Scum and Villainy for the system.

We’re looking for 1-2 more players, for the regular timeslot of Sunday 2-6pm EST. We’d like to start on the 29th of December if possible, but are flexible here for the right cast.

Players of diverse gender, sexuality, ethnicity, etc. are highly encouraged to apply. (I’m a queer Enby, and it’s important to me that the show have diverse representation if possible)

Microphone is obviously a must have, webcam is preferred, but not necessary. System familiarity is preferred but also not necessary.

Feel free to either respond below or send me a PM with details about yourself, please include at least:

Preferred Name, Pronouns, level of familiarity with FitD/S&V, and any previous streaming experience.

Look forward to hearing from you <3