Links to fun inspiration

Mushroom Coffee!

If you haven’t listened to Blades in the Dark’s theme song Furnace Room Lullaby I highly recommend it. Before some sessions I listen to that and Way Down We Go to get in the right mood.

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Something Villainous: Laced Drinks

A little something from Dishonored 2: Brigmore Lullaby

And finally, the Adrenalin Addict’s Waltz: The A La Menthe

Mushroom Ketchup But it also mentions a way to use mushrooms as a spice base :wink:

You know this link looks super dodgy? Try to use direct links, like this could just be

Amazon Prime has a new series coming out, Carnival Row – it’s neo-Victorian fantasy, with a different spin than Blades (fae and other mythical creatures living side by side with humans, etc.). However, the city imagery is right on point for Blades games:

The SDCC trailers are here.

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