List of Factions (and Ward Bosses) by District?

(Mike T) #1

In preparing to GM my first-ever game of BitD with a group of all-new-to-the-game players, I was reviewing the crew creation process. I was thinking about my newbie players choosing a district for their hunting grounds (which will almost certainly be at random, with very little input from me, I would think) and wondered how they will choose to deal with the crew runs that particular district (increase their status with them, or let it decrease for the sake of keeping their starting coin?).

…then I thought, “How the hell am I going to know who runs that district? More to the point, how do I know who runs ANY district?!”

So, I began scouring the rule book for “The List.” You know, The List? The List which outlines who runs each district? The very same List which surely details the status of each faction as they relate to every other faction? The List that explains who is scrapping over each corner of The Dusk? The List that will answer all of my questions as I start this fledgling crew down their criminal journey?

At first, when I realized that such a list doesn’t really exist (at least, not in the pared down, synthesized form I was expecting to find) I was a bit shocked. This fictional world is so rich, so well thought-out, that I just assumed these details must have been orchestrated and chronicled somewhere in the rules, easy to reference as needed.

But as I re-read over the factions section, and picked up little threads of clues from the playbooks and the beginning scenario, I realized that, like all other aspects of this game, I guess we’re just going to play to find out!

Still, I’m the kind of GM (I think — I guess we’ll see!) who likes having a few decisions made ahead of time; “the plan is nothing, but planning is everything,” and all that. Perhaps I’ll pick all the ward bosses before hand. Or perhaps I’ll pick a district (and ward boss) for my new players to start in, on their behalf? Or perhaps I’ll just roll some dice and let the pieces fall where they may…

How have other GMs out there decided which factions run which districts? How did you and your players decide which factions helped, and which factions were hindered by, their new crew as they chose their hunting grounds, starting upgrades, and contacts? Would you have preferred a more concrete list of faction relations and ward bosses, or did you enjoy making Doskvol unique and unpredictable?

(Ben Morgan) #2

I came up with a series of district handouts for use when I run the game at cons. It’s got 9 of the 12 districts, as Crow’s Foot is already well documented, and I considered Dunslough and Whitecrown to be out of scope for what I was going for in a 3-session con game (I may end up adding them in at some point).

I placed factions in what I considered te most logical places, based on the clues I could find in their short writeups in the book (this faction has a warehouse in this district, that faction controls a gambling house over there, etc). Similarly, the starting situations for each district were born out of some of the established alliances and rivalries.

– Ben

(Mike T) #3

@A.D.1066 These are really cool, and very close to what I had sort of imagined as a resource. Thanks for sharing; I’m absolutely going to use these to get me started!

(Zane G) #4

Just started running found myself flicking back and forth through the booked to find where factions were based. This is an amazingly helpful resource. They next thing I’ve found I need to do is cross reference all the people mentioned in the playbooks as I realized that they are linked to factions or areas.


A bit late, but maybe it will be useful for someone.
For my campaign I decided to divide the whole town to the gangs mentioned in the book. Based on the description of given gang and their Tier I’ve chosen a part of town they claim as their own (even if they might lack manpower to properly control it).
I focused on 1-2 Tier, with assumption that the higher Tiers get tribute from the smaller gangs (and I will reveal them, when my players get to the proper level themselves).

Then I update the map between the missions - with gang wars, contested turfs (striped areas) and my player’s crew progress (red one):

(August Lützen) #6

How did you make that map?


The map was created by Ryan Dunleavy:

I’ve added a new layer on top of it with the faction turfs (just made it up really). I use Inkscape for this, because it lets me play with the shapes quite easily.

I use it also to highlight the points of interest when preparing the AP after the session (just another layer on Inkscape file):

(August Lützen) #8

Is it useful for when you run the campaign?


You would have to ask my players :slight_smile: But I think so. We have a printed version on the table during the play, so they can get a better “feel” of the city - who’s turf they will cross, who might be fighting with whom, and which points of interest are within their reach.

Plus, I find it pretty satisfying to see how the city situation changes from session to session :slight_smile: