Little hacks and resources

I would like to have a category for things like Sean Nittner’s score starters, and my suggestions for one-shot gang play, and alternative playbooks and such. That seems too close to the original source material to go in hacks, but it’s not really actual play or artwork. What do you think?


Good point! I’ll make a sub-category here. What should we call it?

  • Fan Creations (roll artwork into it, too)
  • Game Add-Ons
  • ???

I think either of those would work, and would also suggest “Extras” or “Apocrypha” (if we wanted to be fancy) as options.

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I like the less baroque path. Like ‘Hacks and Expansions’. But ‘Fan Creations’ is also a good catchall.

Where should I put my little snips of writings from Doskvol? I’ve got another one and I’m not sure where it would go. Just into the general discussion area?

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I think that writing counts as Fan Creation. Collect them all in one thread maybe?