Long Road Missions

Missions I generated for the Long Road. Stole the letter from somewhere.

Operation Hidden Doom, Supply Special mission
The Legion has spotted smoke. An Alchemist’s caravan bearing rare earths and texts turned east and was assaulted by undead. A few apprentices hide in the wreck. The great Alchemist Aether Magnus is missing, having lured the leader of the undead away. Find him. Treat his wounds. Escort him back. And keep the hunters on his trail from claiming his life. Requires: Medic, Scout
Favor: Mercy, Knowledge
Rewards: +1 Morale. +1 Supply. Alchemist: Aether Magnus.
Penalties: None.

Operation Slip and Shake, Recon Mission
The Legion is far from alone on the Long Road. Fast moving undead units are moving in to wreak havoc on the area but Antoinette has found a group with a mysterious objective. So far, they have been combing the area where an Orrite detachment recently withdrew through. Maybe the the Cinder Kings forces are after something left by the Orrite’s? Preliminary reports suggest it must be cumbersome and abandoned when the Orrite’s horses died from blight. Whatever it is, it would be better it that were to fall into the hands of the Legion or at least denied to the enemy.
Rewards: Fine Asset left by the Orrite military, +1 Intel
Penalties: +1 Pressure

Operation Gray Fire, Recon Mission
The Legion finds a Rotter chained just outside the warding stone they camped at during the night.
The note says:
“Oh my dear Darling, you and your pets have been quite on my mind recently! You have my highest admiration for embarrassing The Hollow Knight so much in Karlsburg, I was giggling for days. So much in fact I have prepared a little gift for you. I have truly outdone myself with a concoction of the most superb virulence. It was a boon to my work that your pets leave blood behind wherever they go behind enemy lines, I could truly not have done it without that. The gift was introduced into the food supplies in Plainsworth by agents of mine, I believe you have made the acquaintance of Dicey Dietrich? Soon they will blossom into quite extraordinary specimens and give a foretaste of what I envision for the rest of the Legion as well.
See you soon, Elenessa”.
Zora is furious and will lead a squad in an assault on the nearby undead encampment buying some Legionnaires time get in and find an antidote.
Rewards: +2 Intel
Penalties: 2 Deaths (Special: Must be Legionnaires that have been on a mission)