Looking for 4th Player for Neon Black

Hey folks

A year or two ago I joined a game with random folks from the BitD Google+ group and it turned into one of the best RPG groups I’ve ever had. Now we’re looking for a fourth player for our Neon Black game! One of our players can’t make every session and we’d like to fill out the group rather than play less often.

What: Neon Black, my cyberpunk hack of BitD. You will be given a free copy when you join, as thanks for testing a game in development. We enjoy character/story focused play. We’re the kind of group who spends a whole session going through downtime actions.

When: 6:00pm PST on Thursday nights. We play for ~2 hours.

Where: Voice chat on Discord, playing using Roll20.

Folks with experience in Forged in the Dark games preferred, since it will help to internalize the differences with Neon Black, but we are also new player friendly!

Reply here if you are interested, and I’ll message you if I think you’d be a good fit.