Looking for a discord dice bot - bitdicebot appears offline

Hello scoundrels and GMs,

I’m setting up to run a new campaign of Blades in the Dark, and getting pretty excited.

I’m going to run it online, through discord chat and voice chat, and I used to have a handy bot on my server for dice roll, good old bitdicebot from this github page

The bot is still there, but it permanently appears offline, and doesn’t answer to the prompts such as


nor in private messages.

Is there something I can do to fix this? Or an alternative you can point me to?


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I don’t know about a discord dice bot but a great dice roller that I’ve used is dddice.com. Constant updates and easy to use.

Thank you Jeremy, this looks pretty promising.

I’ve had good luck with Sparkwright.

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Link to Sparkwright is here:

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Thanks. It’s a bit more involved that the former dicebot I used, but it works!

Hello, I create a bot for Discord, Telegram and Mastodon the name of the bot is Dadinci (https://dadinci.cl), we realse our last version yesterday and we include a specific grammar for Blades in the Dark

For Blades in the Dark, you use “!r xBD”, ‘x’ is the number of dice to roll, ‘BD’ the command, the result are the numbers of success and critical success.

more information on the website https://dadinci.cl

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