Looking for an Ongoing Weekly Game

A bit of a longshot that I’d find a group to gather around my dining room table (not a huge gaming community in the Irish Midlands), but I’m hoping to find a few players for a regular online game one evening (GMT+1) a week (Saturday or Sunday is ideal, and my Thursday nights are booked for the foreseeable future). Looking for BitD or S&V, maybe with some PbtA on the side, and I can run or play as needs be.

Hey. I’m also looking for a group right now. I’d be happy to join in as a player, or rotating GM if that works better. I live in Wales, so the time should work for me. Can I get in touch with you on Discord?

Sounds good!

And on a related note, how do we do that? (Yes, yes, I’m a Discord nube.)

Here’s my Discord tag - KelricJazz#6134
Search for that and add me as a friend

What name are you going under on Discord by the way?

Pleased t’meetcha.

Is it possible to include a meager Canadian who is also in need of a group?

With the time conversion, your evenings would be my mornings (guesstimating 6pm GMT+1 = 10am GMT-7), but that works for me on the weekend. I’ve just come off a Blades run and wanting to do more, also interested in other systems.

I’ve run a couple local games that were rules light, but am infinitely more comfortable as a player.

Ah sorry! We’ve filled in the other spaces now, and it seems we’re going to be running on weekdays anyway. Sorry to get your hopes up, we hope you find a good game!

Oh no problem! I hope you guys have a blast.