Looking for Broken Spire AP

Just reading Broken Spire and I really love the backwards story structure, building the plot form the final event back in time to preperations using flashbacks either as scenes (for one shots) or full scores (for a campaign). Seems very cool to me.
Did someone of you fine people played a one-shot or campaign of Broken Spire? Are there any APs as videos, text or any other formats?
Did some searching but came up empty, so thanks a lot for your time and effort and for the helping hand.

Seems like an easier thing to do in a narrative fiction than in role-play. Even if you want to start with a climactic scene, you have no guarantee that events in the game, with the player’s input, will lead to the same scene you described X sessions earlier. As a GM, it seems like you would have to be at least occasionally heavy-handed to shape events, which starkly limits player’s input.

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True in all points IMO … but I have the luxury to play with a group of GMs-as-players and therefore story is always first. For an example of this, we had one (no legendary) campaign where we found out in session 12 that one of the PCs was possessed by a demon in session 2 or 3 and no-one knew (even the player of the pc) until it all made sense in the later session.

That and I think that the format Sean used in Broken Spire keeps it neatly streamlined. You will make one final roll starting in desperate position with zero effect. Then you have to resist given complications (like your allies are no longer your allies) using flashbacks to see if you can improve the position to something better (like effect at all). So, it’s not that free playing and I think that is a good thing here.
Well, curious about an AP to see it in motion, therefore the question.

@Sean Maybe you can help me. If you read this, please give me a hint if there’s a known AP of Broken Spire as far as you know. Thanks in advance for the time and effort.

Hi Stefan,

Sorry I don’t have any recorded AP unfortunately. I did all my playtests offline (and got feedback from folks who ran it offline). And while Broken Spire got a lot of love when I first released it, unfortunately I haven’t seen anyone stream it. Maybe you want to be the first?

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Mmmm… maybe I don’t want to spoil your fine game with my bad English. :slight_smile:

We played Broken Spire as the closing arc for our 2 year long BitD sect. It was super awesome, but unless you speak spanish, I don’t think the videos will help you much. :confused:

In any case, this is the first video of that arc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPK3JAsznAc&list=PLVG1sVomCM0-OGNbbxdqeb5-m4_pjY_dC&index=23

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