Looking for PbP games

Hey there.

Just throwing it out there that I’m interested in PbP games. I already have accounts at RPOL, Myth Weavers, RPG.net, and Tavern Keeper.

I’d be willing to GM, but I’m very inexperienced, so I would prefer someone with a clue GM at first.

I’m currently co-GMing a game over at RPGnet, but I’m going to have a lot of free time over the next 3 months, so I’m open to more. Plus, I want to play BitD more to get a clue.

Hey how’s it goin’?

I’ve ran a Blades game and played in a S&V game over at gamersplane in the past (both have since ended), so I know there is an audience for it there.

I’d certainly be interested in playing another if you wanted to run one…?

Let me think about it.

I’m currently co-running 1 BitD game (every job, me and another person switch off being player & GM). I MIGHT want to run another, but we’ll see.