Looking For Playtesters (Kung Fu Gangsters!)

So I might have accidentally written a full-game hack of Forged in the Dark (60 000 words!) complete with a unique setting and a handful of rules hacks.

I only wanted to see if I could make wǔxiá work in a Forged in the Dark framework, and then I started adding in some world building, and then I started wielding all the unwieldy world building together, and now I have this manuscript sitting in front of me and I’m wondering if anyone out there would like to help me out.

I’m especially keen on multiple rounds of playtesting, but first things first - I want to make sure the mechanics I’ve introduced / shifted around actually work.

I hope I’m in the right place for some help and assistance!

You won me at “Kung Fu Gangsters”. That seems like the coolest pairing ever, and I’m curious as to how you went about integrationg wûxiá elements into FitD!

Okay, so I’m pretty new here - so hopefully I’m allowed to provide external links. I’ve got a playtest kit that’s free to download. I’d love to hear what you think!